checking on replies
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    checking on replies

    I'm probably going to feel like an idiot after this is explained but I can't figure out how to view replies to threads I started without actually typing the thread name in the search bar. Is there a way for me to access threads I've began or posted on easily from my home page?

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    Up at the top of your screen, Just below the logo, and also below the line of "buttons" which read Home, Forum, Active Topics, Blogs, and a few more headings, is a line of words that begins with "New Posts."
    Click on the words "New Posts," and you will be delivered to an entire page of...what else? posts that have been entered since your last visit.

    In that same line of words you will also find "Forum Actions," and when you click upon it, a drop-down menu delivers the choice of "General Settings." Click on that, and (IIRC) you can find a place where you can choose to be notified by e-mail, whenever a discussion into which you have entered suffers a new post.

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