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    Question What the Heck is...

    What the heck is the "feedback score" I see near my user name when I've posted?
    Feedback from whom? About what?
    Why is mine a zero? Why is everybody's a zero?
    Please explain.

    (Jean and I will be away, viewing our new granddaughter, from September 15th through the 29th.)

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    Hope your trip goes well!

    Feedback is a method to record your satisfaction with business dealings with other members of the board. js and bruce333 both have feedback scores that are not zero, if you want to see what positive feedback looks like. To check the feedback of any member here, click on their name next to any of their postings, select "View Profile" from the choices, then click on the Feedback tab on their profile page. You also use this method to leave feedback for a member (there is a link to leave feedback near the bottom of their feedback tab page).To see your own profile page and feedback, go to the top of any page (when logged in) and click the "My Profile" link.

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