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    SHTF, TEOWAWKI, & Zombie Threads

    The moderation team has decided the following thread topics and discussions will no longer be permitted on the forum:
    • SHTF (S#*t Hits The Fan) threads
    • TEOWAWKI (The End of The World As We Know It) threads.
    • Zombie threads - this includes any fictitious or yet to be verified creature. Examples include, but are not limited to, Vampires, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster or Aliens.
    Legitimate discussion about short-term survival from a natural disaster like a hurricane or flood will be allowed, but since these threads usually turn quickly to a SHTF / TEOWAWKI theme, they will be closely moderated and closed without warning at the first sign of deviation in this direction.

    “Intervention scenarios” where a person is shooting up a mall, store, etc. will, at this time, still be allowed. However, they will also be closely moderated as these threads invariably turn into flame fests. If they continue to cause problems, they too will no longer be allowed.

    This forum attempts to portray gun owners as responsible and mature citizens, and also promote responsible gun ownership; threads of this nature go completely against what we are trying to accomplish. Some people may even interpret these types of threads as making gun owners look like dangerous paranoids sitting around stroking their rifles waiting to shoot their neighbors. Since this is decidedly not the image we are trying to portray, we are no longer allowing the above-mentioned thread topics. Additionally, these threads can quickly turn into actual plans that someone could take seriously and thus cause a liability to the forum and to js, as the owner and administrator of the site.
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