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    PS90 magazine shoulder holster

    1 of the sponsors at my FN Forum makes mag carriers and tactical vests.

    I came up with the idea of a shoulder holster for PS90 50 round mags. No one at my range wears tactical vests, and I didn't wanna be a mall ninja. So, I came up with this idea.

    Anyway, thru some trial and error and shipping the 1st prototype back with some suggested changes, I got what I wanted.Came in today.

    I've got more pics up on my site and a review. But anyway - I think its pretty cool. Comfortable to wear, and provides 200 rounds.

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    You know Ship everytime I read one of your post the first thing that comes to mind is McGiver (not sure if thats spelt right). Glade to see I wasn't to far off. AnyWays the rig looks all kinds of cool and easy to us. Your going to have to let us know how it works out on the rang or what not.

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