Counterfeit FN Hi Power...

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      Counterfeit FN Hi Power...

      Hello. Below are pictures and a description of a fake FN-marked Hi Power. I have read that these guns were made by FEG and secretly sold to Iraq during one of the embargos as FN pistols and that some got out onto the open market. I am not a historian and have no documentation for that so I'll only say that while the gun does have some of the characteristics of a fixed sight FN Hi Power from the '70's, it does not have all and I am convinced that it was not made by FN. The gun is very poorly fitted and the inside is covered in tool marks. The outside of the gun at one time must have looked pretty nice.

      This gun groups very poorly.

      It closely resembles a fixed sight FN Hi Power from the '70's. The serial number begins with a "B", which is well away from the five-numeral serial number following. This is located on the front grip strap and on the slide below the ejection port. The numerals are on the barrel, but not the "B". I removed the last three digits from view as this is not my pistol.

      The front bushing is "extended" like the classic Hi Powers' from about '75 and the front sight is staked on.

      The grips, spur hammer, and small single-side grip safety closely resemble the FN's.

      Note that the rear sight notch is U-shaped rather than the rectangular notch common to fixed sighted Hi Powers of this time frame.

      These markings are on the left side of the slide. I cannot find any proof marks anywhere on the pistol.

      Hopefully, these pictures will be use in helping folks from getting "stung" if they consider buying one of these fake FN guns...regardless of who the actual counterfeiter was.


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      Thanks for the heads up, Stephen. It may be a "beater" but I'm sure it has some interesting stories to tell. I wonder how it made it here. Seems there are a lot of HP's floating around the region.

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      When you go to the gun show as much as I do you see a lot of junk like that. I don't even ask about it because I know I am going to hear a lie. If it's not a brand name I just walk away.

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