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      FNH FNS-40/FNS-9 Club

      Hey guys, I purchased a new FNS-40 as my first handgun. Ive had it for almost a month now.

      I have shot it 397 times since new. Mine is a 4" barrel variant, with Trijicon night sights on it, with a black slide.
      I must say, this gun has not had one problem firing! It just works like MAGIC. No jams, no stove pipes, no problems whatsoever! I carry it everyday as my only, and primary defense side arm.

      It took me about 150 rounds or so to get accurate, and learn to aim the gun properly
      I can hit 3 cans with 3 shots a 30 yards shooting off hand now. And this gun is alot more accurate than me! I feel confident deer hunting with buffalo bore 200 Grain +P ammo. A deer is much larger than a can lol, and I have practiced shooting cardboard deer cut out at 75 and 100+ yards. 40S&W seems like a really good hunting round.

      I am using a Blade Tech holster with my fns-40.

      All input and FNS owners post away with pics, advice, and tips, or experience with these guns.


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      Good job on your purchase. My fns40 is my favorite out of the 4 fn pistols i own. After about 3k rounds shot i did notice the slide started to be easier to pull back but other than that no issues for me. Finding a holster was my biggest challenge being a lefty but bought a Wright Leather predator OWB holster for it and excellent quality plus it fits my fns9 and fns40. Happy shooting

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