This Might Win the Award For Dumbest Question Ever...But Question About Carrying

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      This Might Win the Award For Dumbest Question Ever...But Question About Carrying

      Hey all, I finally figured out a way to carry my FNX 45 without printing under a jacket and barely under a t-shirt depending on which way the wind's blowing lol. I have a question, albeit a dumb one, however. I prefer to carry cocked and locked as I dislike double action trigger pulls but something caught my attention. I still have a little bit of fat left to burn off (lost 60 pounds since June, but I digress), and my stomach fat puts a little pressure on the hammer when I sit down. Now I know that modern firearms are a lot more stable than they used to be, and stomach fat isn't all that strong, but is the constant pressure on the hammer something I need to worry about? I figure you could probably take a hammer to the...well, hammer and not have it go off, but it's just something that I'm wondering about. I apologize for the idiocy and you're welcome for the laugh.


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      If your holster is made to keep your, um, fat (there: I said it) from wiping the safety lever to "off," then you've got no worries, mate.

      A proper holster for a gun carried in single-action "Condition One" (loaded, cocked, safety on) has a place in its leather (or Kydex) into which the safety lever fits when "on."
      If your holster doesn't have that, I suggest getting another holster: One that does.

      If your holster is leather, and it has a "sweat guard" that covers the safety lever, but the "sweat guard" is not molded to immobilize the "on" safety, you can dampen the leather in that one location and mold it around the "on" safety. Then let the leather dry out completely in a cool, dry location (using no heat at all), and you're all set.
      If the holster is plastic, you might try to re-mold the safety area using a heat gun or a hair dryer. I don't hold out much hope, because it's very easy to melt the plastic, rather than remold it.

      Pressure on the gun's hammer won't cause a negligent discharge, as long as the safety lever hasn't moved to "off."

      BTW: There are no dumb questions. Well...the same question repeated for the third time is dumb, and not wanting to ask because you think that asking the question might make you look dumb is dumb, but no question is dumb.
      If you want to learn, you need to ask. Period.

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      I've never carried cocked and locked as I prefer a DS/SA for that purpose. My main concern would be the stomach fat disengaging the safety, not so much the pressure on the hammer, but w/ that said I'd prefer nothing interfering or touching the hammer or safety whatsoever, especially cocked and locked. perhaps you can find a holster which would fix the problem. Listen to Steve would be my suggestion.

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      Steve is giving you excellent advice....spending a few dollars more to get a high quality holster and belt is also a sound idea that will pay dividends in CC.

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      Thanks Steve M1911A1 you schooled him.

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      I would think that if stomach fat would knock the safety off ............ your safety is too loose or you have some damn hard stomach fat. And ............... in my opinion, people worry waaay too much about "printing".

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