I just fired my FNX .40 at the range yesterday and it fired like a champ!!! I have read on here about the issues others were having with the sights on this handgun and I didn't experience any issues at all. I fire left handed and the only issue I had was the casings flying around and going down the back of my shirt!!! At 50 yards ( I was with a friend that owns a shotgun and was on the shotgun side of the indoor range) I was nailing the Bin Laden target with ease and even nailed him between the eyes on 3 occasions.

The kick on the .40 is not bad, and I didn't notice any twisting at all. Honestly, for anyone that is a novice and a first time gun owner I would suggest this model. Sure it might be intimidating to the novice but once you fire it, you will understand why I say this. My next handgun is going to be the .45 by FN.