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    How is the five seven

    Hey guys and gals. Just recently learned about the five seven. I think it has some military functions around the world but I'm not sure. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Has anyone shot one? Or has a review they would like to post? Any response would be appreciated! Have a great day!

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    I am no expert but it is one of my favorite handguns that I own. The recoil, mag capacity, and penetration are all pluses. You will hear a lot of folks saying it's just a high dollor .22 magnum but there are a lot of tests that have proven it to be more. FN factory rounds seem to be slower than advertised but you can find specialty rounds on the net to do anything you need. Military or not it's nice to know you can reach out far if needed, or though a metal door, or vest, etc.

    There are cons., one is the mag disconnect or whatever they call it, you can't shoot if there is no mag in the gun and you have round in the chamber. The trigger is not great but it's not bad either, you get used to it. There is a company on the web that can make it perfect, trigger work, other things I don't understand, and removing the disconnect if desired (there is a waiting list). The worst thing about this weapon that you can not fix is ammo availability, it is hard to find and doesn't stay around long when you find some. Federal is now starting to make a 5.7 x 28mm round, other than that you are at the mercy of factory FN ammo or high dollar ammo from web company loaders.

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    I think it is the most accurate semi auto I have. If you can get ammo when Cabelas has it with free shipping it is about $20 to $22 a box of 50. I know you can get 9mm or 45 ACP cheaper but you will enjoy the 5-7 more.

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    I rented one a while back at our local range. It is a very nice shooting gun. Accurate with minimal recoil. My issue with it is the high cost of the ammo. American Eagle is making it now but the price isn't any better than the FN.

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    ...Also, if I understand correctly, the most effective ammunition for it is unavailable to civilians.
    I am not certain of the defensive effectiveness of the normally-available ammunition. Input, anyone?

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    Steve, the specs are published. Short answer is it's very impressive and certainly comparable to the 'big 3' calibers. A bit over-pennee. The ammo you are talking about is designed to peirce armor - nothing the civvy market needs. Besides, it's already punching through 2 phonebooks (and my city is fairly big!).

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