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Thread: Fnp-45

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    of those out there that have the FNP-45
    how reliable is it?
    with which ammo?

    seriously considering one

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    Mine has been 100% reliable with all factory ammo FMJ or various HP. The only ammo I had trouble with is so 185 SWC that I reloaded. It is a very accurate pistol and reliable I've shot about 500 rounds so far.

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    Did you ever get one? Mine eats anything and likes it! If they were still available in a .357 Sig, I would sell my P226 and buy an FN. And man is it accurate!

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    I literally just bought one 2 days ago and have put 200 rounds thru it already. I LOVE IT. For me, the grip is perfect, nice solid feel to the gun, its put together really well. The only ammo I have put thru it was Federal FMJ 230 grain and was shooting about a 2 inch spread at 25 yards, really accurate gun. Although at first I was shooting an inch higher than my aiming point, but after getting used to the sights, shes a dream

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