[Pro-40 guntest report] Gingle baaang, gingle baaang...

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      [Pro-40 guntest report] Gingle baaang, gingle baaang...

      ... shootin' aaaaall - the daaaaaaaay

      I fired a total of 200 rounds, alas only 10-metre distance (25 - metre not available this time). Weaver stance, "semi - slow" fire, every shot starting from gun down: raise, acquire, allow time for precise squeeze, bang, gun down.

      - First 50 factory Fiocchi full throttle 180gr
      - Then 100 light crappy reloads, lead SWC
      - Then final 50 more Fiocchis to go back full power


      Gun cycled PERFECTLY. The "malfunctioning" hold open FUNCTIONED flawlessly. Seems like it's a matter of how hard, not how far back, you pull the slide.

      Pro 40 felt a bit steadier in my hand than the G23, but evident muzzle flip was still there. Gun would jump out of my lef hand, finding me search for the sights. Tried squeezing with left thumb on frame, but the takedown lever would really bite it. Next time I'll try some leverage at the base of the pistol grip.
      Anyway, bullets flew right to point of aim = happiness

      These I had made low power, to tame the G23 a little. Recoil was VERY much reduced and hitting was easier. But, alas, they WON'T reliably cycle the Pro 40. I had case stuck, or a jammed round, almost every 3 - 4 shots. And no reliable hold open. I suspect my OAL was a bit too short, too.
      This is a definite point for the G23: it always ate these cheap reloads with no issue. Evidently, the Pro-40 is more ammo sensitive. But this is no issue, I'll just check my OAL and stuff more powder in the case. Target looks good anyway!

      Normally, after 20 - 30 rounds, the Safe Action trigger + 40 bite made me so nervous I'd be shaking and jerking and flinching all around. I could still make "desperate" double taps somehwere on the silhouette, but no head shot, let alone smaller or more distant targets. I'd just waste ammo. :-(

      Not so with the Pro-40: that SA trigger is just sooo easy for me to understand and keep control of, up to the 200th round. The "statistic" opened up a bit, compared to my light reloads, but I remained in the "happy" target area, though a bit to the right (my fault). Here with body and "head" shots

      Overall rating is VERY GOOD, so far the only bad spot I feel are: those flashy chromed painful hostyle magazines.

      - they smashed my thumbs mercilessly (the thin steel lips are "tight" and really are an obstacle in letting the rounds slide back inside the mag, while nicely cutting into the thumb), I had to use gloves and limit to 10 rounds per mag

      - they still won't hold slide open when hand - operating the slide, unless you really slam it back

      - they are only two, not three, for us Euro - shooters :-( the gun case comes with a beatiful empty space where 3rd mag was supposed to be

      Next steps:
      - better handloads
      - URGENT mag loader device of any sort
      - training with more leverage at the base of grip
      - holster and mag pouches... tactical light...



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      they are only two, not three, for us Euro - shooters :-( the gun case comes with a beatiful empty space where 3rd mag was supposed to be

      well thats what yall get for having the better cars.......hahahaaha i really want a focus st220

      nice gun though i had one, and i loved it i think im bout to buy a 9mm in black

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      Try this (if you haven't already done it):

      1. Hold the magazine in your weak-side hand, bullet end pointing away from your wrist. Load one cartridge into the empty magazine.
      2. Use your weak-side-hand's thumb to press down on the cartridge already in the magazine.
      3. Hold the next cartridge in your strong-side hand, rim pointing outward, bullet within your hand-grip, so that your thumb is on top of the cartridge.
      4. Press the next cartridge, rim-end first, down onto the previous cartridge already in the magazine. Press down in front of the magazine's feed lips—don't try to press through the feed lips!
      5. Push that next cartridge down and, at the same time, push it to the rear of the magazine, under the feed lips.
      6. Go back to step two, above, and start all over again with the next cartridge.

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