Purchasing first Hammer striker

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      Talking Purchasing first Hammer striker

      I really like the new FNP Simi Autos but pistol I own now is Glock and XD. What our the advanages of an hammer striker simi auto? This is kind of a newbie question to they shoot at fast as the striker fire pistols? I can fine a place to demo one so I have to just go by others who own one.

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      One advantage is double strike capability.
      IMO the FNP is by far a better handgun.

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      I have an XD45 and an XD9 springfield...I love each of these guns, but have really become interested in the FN 9mm...I know that if you carry the XD's and you are chambered and ready to roll, that you just aim and squeeze trigger..It still kinda makes me nervous to have it this way as the triggers get more broke in and an accidental discharge would be so very easy to have happen...now I know people are gonna say that if I am handling the gun correctly that I will keep my finger OFF of the trigger untill I have sighted the target and that there is no way the gun will fire unless the gun is held in the hand and the finger squeezes the trigger..I agree with all of that, but the feeling of comfort that I get knowing that if I had the FN and had it chambered with the hammer de-cocked that it would take a much more deliberate trigger pull for the first shot, due to the double action...and I really like the look and feel of the FN...and the double strike advantage is a plus too...


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      Most important thing is to have confidence in what you have, and it doesn't sound like you have confidence with these XD's. If you don't like not having a third safety on the XD's, send them to me and I'll take care of them for you. This way you won't feel guilty leaving them behind when you take your FN to the range.

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