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    trigger work for a fnp_9 ??

    dose any body now if their any body out their that now if any company dose trigger work on the fnp-9 ????? i want a lighter DA and a hell a lot better SA
    i want to shoot faster YES faster

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    I would say practice, practice, and more practice would be the solution to shooting "faster." But, if you want some trigger work done, I'm sure there's someone out there that can do it. Out of curiosity, is this a carry gun?


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    I answered this question U posted on another site.

    To my knowledge, I know of no one who works on FNPs specifically. However, a regular smith could probably smooth it out just a little.

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    Trigger job for an FNP

    I have an FNP 40 DASA and it has the sweetest out of the box trigger I have ever handled or shot. A friend has on with a stainless slide, but the same gun and his is equally great. The two rental guns, one in .40 S&W and one in 9x19mm were excellent as well. Is your trigger notchy or heavy? Are you just looking for refinement? What does it do? Sorry having shot several with the same experience with each you have me wondering.

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