Just came from the range with my first malfunction in quite a long time. PMC Starfire 155 gr. JHP in my FNP 40 DASA. The third, fifth, and subsequent round failed to chamber fully with the PMC ammo. Quite a dissapointment as I aquired about 500 rounds and it feed flawlessly through my Beretta 96's, Stoeger Cougar, H&K, and Sig 2340. The FN feeds flawlessly with Speer and Federal and for the life of me I can't see that much difference in the profile of the 155 gr. Federal Hydrashock and the Starfire. The Federal feeds without issue in the FNP 40, not the PMC though. Anyone have any issues with feeding failure with the FNP 40? I will be quite happy shooting Winchester White box 165 gr. FMJ on the range and the Federal ammo for carry use. Just never had an issue before with the PMC ammo.