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    Great Customer Service

    I have had my FNP45 about 6 weeks , maybe 300 rounds and I push the mag release and it goes all the way through the other side followed by the spring which is mangled. Email customer service asking if I can just get a spring so I don't have to ship the pistola and within 1 hour I have an email asking for my mailing address. If that is not great it will do till great comes along. It takes HK a week or more to answer my emails.


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    Thumbs up

    Good news when a big company says they want your business and gives you good service. Good luck on your repairs.

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    I have heard pretty much the same thing about HK's civilian customer service.

    Consensus seems to be that HK's focus is on government (military and police) sales with consumers on the side. Remember, HK is a european company where most countries limit civilian access to firearms.

    FN on the other hand has supported consumers for years through its ownership of Browning. FN Manufacturing LLC based in SC, where FNPs are made is mostly run by Americans.

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    Quick reply?

    You should be very happy with that level of response. I e-mailed Beretta from their website with reference to an issue and it took them 3 months to respond. The response did not even address my question. It was as if they had not read the e-mail. To produce such a great product, their attention to the customer is in the basement, maybe sub basement. Hope all is well with you issue now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmikesteen View Post
    It takes HK a week or more to answer my emails.
    I recently contacted HK by phone, left a message for customer service, got a call back within 5 minutes and had no problem getting a return authorization number.

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