We hit 5000 members last week at the FN Forum ( www.fnforum.net ). And, we're glad to be sister/brother forums here with this forum (with the banner link trade we have)!

We're still working out some details, but in celebration - that 5000th member will be getting a few items from our sponsors.

Also, we just ended a Karma where two people got free PS90 Field Tools! And, FN themselves have donated some promotional items for us to use to help fund the site. There is also an FN rep that comes and does Q&A sessions with us approximately once a month.

With the release of the new FNP45, and the future release of the FNAR and SCARs, there has been a lot more traffic on the site. Come check us out if you are interested in the PS90, FS2000, FNP, FN Shotguns, FN Bolt Action rifles, FN Hi Powers, FN FALs or the Five Seven handgun!