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Thread: FN vs Browning

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    FN vs Browning

    I was looking at the browning pro 40. Is it the same gun as the FN40.

    I own the Fn9 and love it.

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    Yes they are the same gun as they are made on the same line by FN.

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    Yup,,Sure is. I own the Browning and love it. I'm not real bog on "Tupperware" guns but I have a few. Out of all of them I like the pro 40 best

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    The Fn will come with 3 mags, the Browning Pro 9 comes with 2.

    I believe that the Browning can be cocked and locked - the FN cannot unless you get the SAO variant.

    And, the sear is slightly different between the 2.

    Realistically - it is the same gun essentially.

    However - The browning version will be discontinued/has been discontinued. Only the FN version will be sold in the USA from now on. So, if you want it - better get it quick. All that's left is what is on dealer shelves.

    You'll still be able to get it serviced by FN/Browning, however

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