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Thread: ammo question

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    ammo question

    South Florida member here, and ive been all over looking for ammo from my Glock 23. I understand wahts going on with people stocking up due to fear of taxes. Anyone have any shops that are decent priced? Out Door World and Wal-mart has been sold out for a while.

    Also anyone know of some place where i can trade in my brass or have them refilled in the local area.

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    Hello, I live in SW Fla. and I know what you mean. I think you have to purchase on line. It worked for me.

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    the trick for ww is to call in moring when trucks are unloading,they'll tell you if ammo came in,then it's up to you to get there first thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    There's still some online sellers where you can find ammo but it's getting dryer there too. I'm glad I set to reload years ago. Though those supplies are getting more and more scarce. Natchez just sent me an email the other day saying theyt where having a sale on ammo.
    Link to some .40 ammo

    I don't think this shortage is all people hoarding ammo. Notice that most imported brands of ammo are sold out and they are not back ordering.

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    i've gotten by from word of mouth from friends that continually call the walmart to check for ammo. have gotten 4 boxes of WWB one week and 4 boxes CCI BB two weeks later. surprisingly, the shipments were decent size to accomodate more people, even with the 4 box limit. so if u can figure out when the trucks come in, just call every time and check, then be the first there.

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