Time to Blow the Tax Return!!

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      Time to Blow the Tax Return!!

      Alright guys/gals,

      How is the Tax Return going to get spent?! My goal a new Springfield XD!

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      That's what I did with my tax return! XD9, Walther P22, and a Sig SP2022!

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      What little return (as it should be) I get will go towards the sales tax of the truck I just bought

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      So many choices so little money. I'm gonna pick up a Mosin Nagant 91/30 this week, if I can find a decent one. Then the search really starts. I need to get to the range and see what I can shoot in 357sig. It's the most readily available ammo around here. XD, M&P, and Glock are on the not so short list

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