My right to bear arms.
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    My right to bear arms.

    Happened upon this. Well stated!!! My Right to Bear Arms

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    One of my friends in low places was the example about an 18 year old. He said if he paid a lawyer enough he could regain his rights. I'm not sure he was accurate.

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    I mostly agree but not with registration to any government.

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    One, super secret watch lists are wrong. Period. End of discussion. I don't care what the purpose is.

    Two either someone is a free citizen with all rights intact or they're too dangerous to be allowed out and about.

    Three, this background check to buy a gun is a nonsense myth. It doesn't stop the bad actors. In fact it wasn't until fairly recently that you could order a gun through the mail, no FFL, and non of that nonsense.

    It's time for the people to channel some of that Mrs. Saint Ray Gun and JUST SAY NO!

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