Hey everyone,
Just reading an article in the Telegraph here in the UK. The Telegraph is actually seen as being centre right and fairly respectable unlike some of the gutter press over here. Its an article about the NRAs Wayne La Pierre and his comments to Obama mentioning UK gun Laws.

NRA's Wayne LaPierre's gun warning for Obama: 'We don't want to be like England' - Telegraph

The key part for me was the Telegraph comment ....

'The success of a British handguns ban after the 1996 school massacre in Dunblane is cited by campaigners for new laws as an explanation for Britain's relatively low rate of murders by guns.'

What happened after they banned handguns was actually that gun crime rose as of course as we all know any laws passed restristing gun ownership only effect the lawabiding of which gun owners are some of the most law abiding there are!

Here are some of the figures for crime if the lazy journalists had actually bothered to find out and report accurately

Gun Crime

Key part for me is regarding 2010/11 when handguns have been banned for quite some time!....

'In England and Wales handguns were the most commonly used firearm, with the weapon accounting for 44% of non-air weapon firearm offences recorded'