DC is checking me out!
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    DC is checking me out!

    I got an email notice yesterday that my MySpace page has been viewed. That seldom gets any activity, so I thought I’d check it out. MySpace has a feature where you can see what cities your recent views are coming from. I was surprised to find it was Washington DC. Now I’m not sure if this has anything to do with my C&R license application or some of the more recent 2nd amendment petitions and political emails I’ve sent to my elected officials. Either way, it strikes me as a little concerning that Big Brother has suddenly taken such an interest in my humble musical compositions.

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    Interesting, although not at all surprising. I've never had a MySpace page, although I did have a Facebook page for a little while - maybe a year. That was under a nickname, too. I appreciate my privacy and don't have time for virtual nudges and snowball fights and posting meaningless "HEY, LOOK AT ME" statements. It used to make me sad to see all my friends crying out for attention. LOL!

    The problem with those sites is, you put yourself out there and anyone can look. It's scary, if ya ask me!

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    Ever had DC call you? Scarier...

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