There was a group of children that liked to color with colored pencils. they would make these incredible works of art with these pencils.

Another group of children used water colors and they would make all of their pictures with water colors. These children hated pencils but none of them ever used a pencil or even held a pencil.

Another group of children finger painted and they made a mess and they hated pencils and water colors.

One day the one of the children that finger painted stole a colored pencil from one of the children in the other group and did some graffiti on the sidewalk. There were cameras all over the playground for the children’s protection so they caught this child in the finger painting group do this terrible act.

In the end the finger painting group and the water color group got together and came to a conclusion that blue pencils were the problem and banished all pencils from the play ground.

If this makes sense to you then you are a huge pile a you know what and probably voted for this tyrant. When the day come that you find yourself with a criminal who has a TEK-9 pressing into your forehead, carjacking you and trying to rape your wife, don’t turn to us, the people that you know have a legal concealed firearm, and expect us to save you’re a$$. You voted for this to happen. It’s your fault.