It's a 2 way street
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    It's a 2 way street

    As we know,the Miltary and Law Enforcement have the guns they do for a reason,handguns and small caliber rifle rounds are not the most effective man stopper,hence they rely on large capacity mags,semi auto and full autos.We are allowed to own the same by the 2nd Amendment,no questions there.

    The proposed ban is going to be high cap mags and possibly "assault weapons".If they are banned,and we give in on that,it's a 2 way street and it's all encompassing-military and LE are bound to it also.After all,LEO are civilians too,and with today's technology why does the military need them?We are the "militia" the 2nd A refers to,and it was us that fought back the Brits to start this Country.If we give,everybody does because it is not the military's or LE's job to protect us and our loved ones,their job is a collective security.Since the Gov't says this is not about gaining power for a socialist takeover,it would appear the playing field is balanced to prove it.

    How well will this go over?It won't,but I think this is the message the NRA and we need to instill in the powers to be-you want from us,reciprocate on our end,no freebies at all.Talk of states succeeding and another revolution could be avoided,and in a few years when the statistics once again prove things are worse,the laws are removed and the bullshit excuses are now over.

    Also,if the law says assault weapon,the real definition is used,not a made up one as it has been.Assault weapons have been regulated since the 30s.Anything that is declared contraband to be turned in MUST be bought back for fair market value,otherwise it's exactly like the Clinton ban.

    If they want to close the gunshow loophole,hmm,there isn't one.If they want all firearm transactions to go through a background check,then NICS Must be available to anyone free of charge,so if I want to give my Son a gun I can just call up and be done with it,end of story.Won't happen.

    Anyway,our leaders need a wakeup call.You work for us so if you want something,it's a 2 way street for now.We need a line drawn and power restored before the problems of succession or war happen,and it needs to made clear to them they're pushing things that way mighty quick.

    OK,someone pinch me and wake me up.

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    I just called senator portman from ohio's with the same point.

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