What Can I Do to Help?
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    What Can I Do to Help?

    Hello everyone, I am a lifelong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the right for qualifying Americans to own and carry firearms. However, I am a new handgun owner. To be clear, I am not a "panic buyer", I just came across some unexpected money recently and figured it was a good time to start my collection. I want to get involved in the fight to protect our 2nd Amendment rights, but aside from writing to legislators, I don't really know what else to do. I think there might be a Students For Concealed Carry on Campus group at my college that I'd like to join and a friend of mine (a liberal in every sense of word...who also supports the 2nd amendment) is a photographer and wants to do a pro 2nd Amendment shoot. I'll be involved in that and will likely post the pictures everywhere I can online in an attempt to raise awareness and show people that legal gun owners are not the ones people need to worry about. I'll also try to talk to as many people as I can to get them better educated on what we (gun owners) are all about and how owning a gun doesn't make us a "threat" or "dangerous." If anyone can think of anything else I can do, anything to all, to help us keep our rights, I'm all ears. I'm in this with all of you for the long haul.

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    Every gun owner should do some of the following, but the more the better:
    1) Write your state and federal representatives, stating that you are a gun owner that lives and votes in their jurisdiction and you support 2A rights
    2) When anti-2A legislation is proposed and/or being voted on...call those same people
    3) Join multiple pro-2A groups (NRA, GOA, NSSF, SAF, state orgs, locals orgs, etc)
    4) Attend pro-2A rallies (Nutnfancy is rallying for state capitol marches on Jan 19th)
    The rest requires more effort and is a long term strategy, but it is the difference between winning battles versus winning the war.
    - Be sufficiently educated about the 2A that you are able to defend it as an individual right, instituted for protection against tyranny, in a debate with an anti-2Aer or someone on the fence (this should include reading the actual Heller decision)
    - Ditto with crime statistics and studies that analyze crime statistics in the context of gun laws throughout the world, i.e. John Lott's work but there's lots more
    - Support educating kids about guns starting with safety and responsible ownership. This is the #1 thing any of us can do for the survival of the 2A long term. As they say, the children are our future...
    - Try to convert a fence sitter, i.e. take a gun virgin/fence-sitter to the range. Teach them how fun it is, that it need not be intimidating, and show them how seriously we take safety.

    Get to work everybody and Thanks to all!

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