the truth about the 2nd amendment

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      the truth about the 2nd amendment

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      This video is absolutely true. Any serious study of the Bill of Rights and the writings of the Founders will affirm the statements in the video as factual. What we have seen over the past 45 years is attempts to convince the general public that the Second Amendment was about the sporting use of arms and that of self protection (they don't really like the latter, but they go along with it for their greater goal). The purpose of the convincing is to move the debate away from the real reason and purpose of the Second Amendment which in the end, makes it easier for them to reach their ultimate goal of complete disarmament.

      The idea of using arms for hunting and protection against criminal acts was a given in the late 18th century. No one in their right mind would have questioned this, let along believed it to be the reason for this amendment. No, the real reason for its inclusion was exactly that which is stated in the video. One thing contemporary people don't know is that the colonialists were actually better armed than the British soldiers or the continental army. The military used smooth bore long guns almost entirely, whereas rifles were commonly in use by the colonialists. They were the "assault rifles" of their time.

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