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    How I would enslave a nation...

    1) Control the mass media - get 6 affliated companies to own 90% of the airwaves. What they say is deemed true automatically.

    2) Slowly deterioriate their economy by spending. This is so the population has less money for things like weapons or food supplies

    3) Create fear (through media and coordinated events) to reinforce more spending (on military and more legislative laws). Make enough laws and we can all be criminals!!!

    4) Gun control (for those who still manage to stock up on arms despite the economic depression)

    And then what? Well in my eyes very strict gun control is the last step. Checkmate. Today Piers Morgan who usually its alittle tolerant of other people opinions freaked out on the Gun Owners of America guy. As soon as you bring up gun control, these guys get all in your face!!! Why such strong emotional reactions?

    Programming in my opinion

    By the way if there is a 5) it would be TAX the hell out of the people. Thats a good final blow

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    Once the 2nd amendment is removed, all the others will easily follow. The 22nd amendment will be next. After that it won't really matter because we'll be under a dictatorship.

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    True, the 4th and 5th ammendments are already pretty much gone. TSA is doing "caviety" searches and molesting people at airports now. State troopers and ATF also don't have the best track records right now cough* Fast and Furious cough*

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    There are two things that any government must do if they have any hope of reaching their goal of totalitarianism.

    o Control the dissemination of information.
    o Remove from the people their ability to resist.

    This has been true throughout history and it will continue to be true for the rest of human existence.

    Watch this link to learn of the path of nations.

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