I HATE stories like this....
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    I HATE stories like this....


    This just gives the anti-gun politicians/lawmakers more "ammunition" for their side to ban regulate guns even more making is harder and harder on normal law abiding citizens who choose to have a gun to protect themselves and loved ones/home.

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    While sad you will find people like this will find a way to do what ever bad thing they dream up in their corrupted little minds. It does seem that more and more nuts are falling off the trees and arguments can be made all day to explain the why and how but I don't agree with blaming the tools these deranged people choose to use to create their mayhem.

    Yeah, the media might play it up...That's what they do. But The powers that be that really want to take these rights away don't need much more than they already have. They've been making their own for years.

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    Here is a follow up article about the recent church shooting, different story on the same idea about the bad publicity. Apparently the guy had a veritable arsenal because he had 3 long guns (2 shotguns and a rifle that was probably .22) and a box of .22lr ammo at home. They would go over the edge if they saw my gun safe! The darn media purposefully perpetuates the misconceptions among the uneducated (or those unfamiliar with guns) in this way. They take advantage of these few criminals to justify stripping the rights of all.


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