How to contact your federal representatives...

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      Cool How to contact your federal representatives...

      one of the great things about being American is our ability to speak out on topics we are passionate about. I thought it would be a good idea to help everyone with some basic information so that you can make your voice heard. You can and should join in with other like minded people to pool resources (I belong to the NRA for instance). You should join whoever you feel can support YOU.

      Contacting your Senator or Representative is really easy. Here are two links to websites so you can call/write/email your representatives. Let them know what you think, how you are connected to them and how they can keep your support and the support of all the people you know.

      Write your Representative

      Write your Senator

      Perhaps other members can share other details about effective political communication? Do form letters work? How often should you call/write? Anything else to share?

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      Gun Owners of America has a system they use on their alerts for you to write your reps about a specific issue. You can customize the letter to your liking. I usually just get a form letter back, but there have been 2 times that I got a more personal response.

      edit: thread stuck. You couch potatoes (you know who you are) have no excuse for not writing now.
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