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    Difference Between P-01 and PCR Compact

    Can someone explain the difference between the CZ 75 D PCR Compact and the CZ P-01?

    When I read the stats on them they sound very much alike except for a few dollars in cost. I read good things about both of them but I guess I am not seeing the difference.

    CZ USA gives a bit more advertising spin on the P-01 but in size, weight, dimensions, materials, features, etc. there doesn’t seem to be much difference.

    I know the non-PCR has the manual safety whereas both the P-01 and the CZ 75D PCR have the decocker.

    What is the difference except the name on the side of the pistol?


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    difference in CZ PCR and P-01

    The difference is the pCR doesn't have the light rail under the front of the frame and the frame is just a little shorter. I"ve seen the factory targets from both guns and those little raskles are accurate, like 2" or so at 25 meters. That ain't bad for a 3.9" barrel. I'm down to my last two PCR's, I had one P-01 and my son sold it at a gun show while I was with another costomer, I had just taked it in on trade and didn't even get a chance to shoot it.

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