Stock for CZ SP-01 Shadow

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      Stock for CZ SP-01 Shadow

      Hi there!

      I´ve been wondering have any of you tried to attach a buttstock to CZ SP-01 Shadow. I´ve managed to find a piece that I can makes a front grip from Mag (piece attachs mag to shadows front picatinny rail). Finding a Buttstock would make my day There a many buttstocks for Glock, but havent seen any that goes with CZ.

      Example of Glocks buttstock ->

      Thank you!


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      Are you in the US?

      Attaching a shoulder stock to a pistol makes it a "short barreled rifle" which is a no-go without filing special paperwork.

      As for the Glock stock, that only really exists because of the Glock 18, I haven't seen anything similar marketed for the CZ.

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