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    CZ 75b Magazine Price Check!

    I've checked Midway USA, and it seems like I won't find CZ 75B magazines for under $30 (I'm including shipping).

    But I haven't exactly been looking gun-shop to gun-shop. The few I checked didn't even have any in stock.

    So what are you paying for CZ 75b magazines at:

    A. Your local gun shops?
    B. Gun Shows in your area?
    C. Used ones you saw in a classifieds ad?

    Any sites out there cheaper than MidwayUSA?

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    I have yet to see any CZ magazines be carried at my local shops... and I've been to quite a few of them. If you are looking to get a factory magazine, you can expect to pay a bit more. But I know that Mec Gar also makes mags for CZ's that are way cheaper... can't vouch for their quality though.

    Check out topgunsupply though... or just do a search on Mec gar CZ 75 mags... .

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    Norton, Ohio

    If you go over to the cz-usa website, they have a special, 3 mags for 75.00. If my math is right, that will be
    25.00 a piece (sorry for being a smart-a** ).

    I bought a 3 pack for myself. Along with the factory rubber grips to put on my 75 BD.


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    Check out for MecGear mags & many others. Greg is a good guy.

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