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    CZ P-01 compct or CZ 75 compact

    Gonna grab one or the other...Don't have any here to look at...Any info or comparisons would be greatly appreciated...I believe the 75 is steel w/ a thumb safety,and the P-01 compact is alloy,w/ten round mags,and a decocker...Am I correct?

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    Not exactly.

    -P-01 14 rounds of 9mm, the P-06 (40S&W) holds 10
    -CZ 75 compact can be had with either decocker or manual safety

    Functionally, the CZ 75 (compact) BD and the P-01 are pretty much the same (size, mechanisms, slide). Cosmetically, the 75 BD frame is a little shorter and exposes the bottom part of the slide a bit when the slide is forward, where as on the P-01 the slide bottom is covered by the frame entirely, and as you mentioned the P-01's frame is aluminum. I'd be happy with either but I think the P-01's frame is a little sharper looking so I went with it.

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    CZ75-P07 Duty

    I bought a CZ75-P07 Duty and its a great little gun almost like the P-01. 16 rd magazine and easy to carry. I bought it about the same time as the CZ75 SP-01. love both guns.
    CZ-Zone Blog:

    good Photo nice gun
    PD Bill

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