CZ52 an odd but awesome pistol

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      CZ52 an odd but awesome pistol

      I own a 1954 Czech pistol called a CZ52, semi auto pistol in 7.62x25mm
      I really love this gun. It has low recoil, sexy looks, and it hurls out a 30 caliber slug at 1600 fps. It also is very loud, and spits a foot long fireball.I recently purchased a universal drop leg holster, hogue universal grip sleeve, and 360rds from (an awesome website). This guns ammo is extremely cheap. You can get quality 1980's ammo 72 rounds for $8, 400 rounds for $42, and 1124 rounds for $134. But do mind that its mildly corrosive, and you should regularly clean your barrel. Also to mention, this gun is cheap. I just purchase an excellent condition one, for $180.

      If you own one of these pistols, or have any thoughts on it, feel free to share your thoughts.

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