Maybe background check problem...

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      Maybe background check problem...

      Around two weeks ago I submitted all my required paperwork fo a Connecticut permit. Since then, I put a deposit on a shotgun at Hoffman's and started my 14 day wait.
      I went there this morning to pick the gun up. The salesmen called to confirm me, then gave me the phone.
      According to whomever I was speaking too, their I have a "fugitive from justice" alert on me. I was told they couldn't tell what is was, but it didn't seem bad.
      They gave me a phone number and a reference number to call in Mass. to clear it up.
      The only thing that ever happened to me in Mass., was I got pulled over for a traffic violation and and some registration problem and then they let me go. I'm assuming there was something with this.
      I'm not really sure, it was around 15 years ago.
      I'm going to call first thing Monday morning and hopefully straighten this out.
      My question is with my permit background check. Will the local police get a detailed report showing that this was some sort of traffic court violation, or is this going to be something that's going to put a monkey wrech in the permit.
      Sorry this is so loI get a hold of someone Monday, itwill all be sorted up.
      Arghh, the 8 + weeks seemed long enough, now it's probably going to longer.
      Just ranting, Andy

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      hang in there VB... I had a ticket in NY on a CT license from over 15 years ago which prevented me from renewing a registration last year in NC... albany and hartford don't talk to each other as effectively as you might think... short story- paid the ticket long ago, got the document faxed from NY and then faxed to CT, CT faxed me a letter I faxed to NC.
      took several days, but most people were pleasant and not really surprised by any of it.
      Good luck!

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      Keep the faith.....

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