"Postal" matches?
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    "Postal" matches?

    I'd like to promote some Bullseye style shooting in my area, can't find much of it. My thought is to start by setting up a local "postal" match where people come in and shoot on their own schedule and the record keeper picks up the targets and tracks everyone.

    What sorts of ideas do you have for making this work? I'd like to avoid prizes so we easily keep everyone on the honor system. Though I've thought to charge $5 per (month) and at the end of the month the money goes to a local charity. Each "match" would run over the course of a month, with a set list of targets that must be provided. A competitor can re-shoot as many times as they want, only their best target counts.

    Any other suggestions?



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    You had me worried for a moment Leam. When I saw the title of "Postal" I worried that the "Range" might not be NRA approved.

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    They have a deal like that down at my range. I just don't know that much about it. I'll see what I can find out next time I am down there for ya Leam.

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    The NRA has Postal matches. Check their website. They require two signatures on the target to count. One by the shooter and one witness.

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