Bowling Pin fun!
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    Bowling Pin fun!

    The Babe and I did our first actual bowling pin competition last night. Pretty fun! It gave me a chance to try some different skills. For her .22 they put the pins on the very back of the table and everyone was great to shoot with.

    Metal table with 5 pins set up at about 7-10 yards. Start with gun drawn and shoot up to 2 mags/8 rounds each until all pins are off the table. 5 second penalty for any pins left on the table, upright or otherwise. Shoot 3 runs and take the lowest time.

    On one of my runs I was doing great until the last pin. Had to shoot it 3 times and the others said they say it wobble each time I shot, it just didn't fall! Need more practice.

    Man, this shooting stuff is fun!


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    Never had the opportunity to shoot bowling pins. But I have shot steel targets about 8 years ago. It's always fun to see something happen when U are shooting, instead of shooting paper all the time.

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    Well Leam that's what it is all about, having fun. The competition is great but if your not having fun why do it. Sounds like you and your Lady are having a ball. That's great, good luck.

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    Bowling Pin Mania!

    Our club shoots bowling pin stages interspersed with other stages to make up the match. Somethime it's ten pins at 70 ft, or 4 pins interspersed within a shoot house, and sometime we have six on the ground and six hanging from the lane trollys at 20, 40, 60 ft... I hate those bowlingpins!!! (heh,heh)
    Great practice though. Movement, changing sight picture, variety of high and low target acquisition. Add a mandatory mag change and you've got a very popular stage.

    The tell me the trick is to breathe! Right.

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