Visited the NC State IDPA championships

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      Visited the NC State IDPA championships

      Had a blast! Wasn't shooting because I'm still new and IDPA uses a bit of pre-fire gun handling. Better safe and on the side-lines this year. Though some of the Saftey Officers did try to talk me into shooting.

      Interesting mix of people. No one I know but a few I had seen the day before. Most folks were drop dead nice though a few seemed to have that "competitor air" about them. Having been a competitor in other things I just had to laugh and quietly pray I never get that way.

      There was the abundance of light weight vests that no one really wears in public. Except for one stage that had you put on a bathrobe! I've decided to shoot in my Hawaiian Shirt; the commando vest thing just kinda makes them seem like clones.

      I'll see if I can get a list of the stages. They looked interesting and definately challenging!



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      Hey Leam keep up us up to snuff on that deal, sounds like fun.

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