Over Thanksgiving in WV (sort of a reunion too), the active shooters got together for a little family range time. Participants:

My brother
His son
My brother-in-law
My uncle

My brother is an Army Colonel...been a range safety officer, EIB, instructor, lots of experience

My uncle has been shooting (hunting mostly, some skeet) for about 20-30 years.

Me- only 6 years in the Army as a unit clerk, qualified expert on M16, M9, and M203. Just recently began pursuing educational path with firearms so got NRA Instructor cert.

Brother-in-law, been shooting for about 4 years, pretty active and interested in shooting and hunting, including bow.

So, after we make some noise and try each other's pistols, my brother in law says:

"Ok all, we each pay a buck, one shot, closest wins...anyone interested?"

Of course we all agree. Since I brought two pistols, most of the ammo and targets, everyone said I should get first shot...

No one else wanted to go...LOL