The thing about reviews in magazines? You'll never see a bad one. They are paid by the company to write up the gun, given all kinds of swag, etc. The gun rags are hideous for doing positive reviews of questionable firearms.

I'm with the former poster--good luck with the XD.If you're not used to quality firearms, it should do fine. All I can say is "Thank God it's not a Kimber". I saw a guy once with a new Kimber commander model shooting his first match, using 165 grain semi wadcutter reloads. I mean THE PERFECT STORM for jams. By the end of the stage he had more live ammo on the ground than empty brass. I have never seen a Kimber in USPSA or IDPA run well, ever. I keep track of such things! I've seen Wilsons, a Nighthawk, and even a RIA do very well, but the Kimbers always endup in the dead cockroach position.