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    Which One?

    12 years ago I shot maybe 10 USPSA matches while I was on active duty. I retired from the Army in 1999 and quit shooting. I'm thinking of taking the sport back up again but I have a couple of questions.

    I have a Kimber Gold Match .45 ACP with 10 round mags. I had a larger magazine well and a red fiber optic front sight placed on it. What division will this put me in?

    Also, if a change my guide rod to a tungsten one and add a bull barrel will that throw me into another division, and if so which one?

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    Well you could shoot Single Stack if you lose the magwell, and you could shoot L-10 as it is. You *could* shoot open, just don't plan on winning any time soon...LOL. You could also shoot Limited, but with 10 round mags you're really handicapped. Most Limited guns have 20 round mags these days.

    If you do the bull barrel, I think you rule out Single Stack...you'd best check the rules for that one.

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