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    Calling your shots

    Calling your shots is an advanced shooting skill, or so it seems to be. I've not perfected it yet, sometimes I do it when I don't even know it. I recently interviewed a Master USPSA shooter about it and after the interview, I still don't know if I've even begun to master it yet. However, knowing where your shot went without looking over the top of the gun to look at the target to see where it went, is an art that top level shooters seem to master. Do you feel it applies to a combat situation? I'm thinking not, but curious as to what you think.

    Let me invite you to listen to my podcast on it. | Handgun World Show

    Just curious if anyone else has any ideas on this. Does it matter what sights you are using?

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    Yes, calling your shots is a fundamental skill for competitive shooting. A decent practice for learning it is this; take a 1/3 size replica of your target to the line with you. Fire, and mark (without looking) where you think the shot went. Use an "x". then look at the target, marking the actual hit with an "o" and connect them with a line so you know which string they are from. When you can do that every time, shoot two, then 3, then 4 and so on. Then start using a timer. You're going for .15 to .2 splits while being able to call the seperate shots accurately.

    As far as defensive shooting goes--I'mthinking you're asking a lot. The way your brain works under an adrenalin dump is different than it works at the range. You may not know how many shots you fired, let alone where they all went! And? Most defensive shots are point shot--not aimed--out of necessity. You duck and run, point the gun in the general direction, and hope for the best. In the rare scenario where you get to aim, yeah, I think calling your shots is hunky dory.

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