Newbie with questions
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    Newbie with questions

    Hey everyone,

    Its been 7 seven years since I fired a handgun at a target and have decided to get back into it. I am interested in competition shooting but not sure which organization would best suit my skills and interests. I am very competitive and like to be challenged, but with a large family I don't have the ability to commit to long weekend shoots. I enjoy tactical shooting courses with some level of stress involved and shooting at metal targets. Can someone give me some advice on where to go? Also, I am in the Tampa, FL area. Thanks very much for your help.

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    Google for IDPA ranges in your area. Great fun. Very dynamic with lots of moving.

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    I'll second the IDPA choice. Good practical skills and a strong emphasis on safety. I like that too. Even though they have a lot of rules that don't apply to a real self defense situation, it's great practice. I shoot IDPA at least twice a month.

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