.22 carbine competition?

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      .22 carbine competition?

      Saw a YouTube post today that depicted a .22 Carbine Competition in AZ. It looked similar to IDPA / IPSC but with a .22 carbine. Now I am not much of a long gun guy (I have the ubiquitous Ruger 10/22 and Remington 870 pump but thats about it) but I have never seen a .22 carbine.

      Is anyone familiar with this type of gun or this type of competition? Looked like fun!

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      I think carbine mostly refers to the length of the rifle. I know some of the 10/22's are marketed as carbines.

      As for the competition, I'm not familiar with it, but it sounds like a lot of fun!

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      A bit off-topic... I'll post appropriately in the competition forum...

      I'm advocating for a rimfire division in USPSA...

      I think it would bring a lot of new shooters and interest to the sport, like the rimfire division in Steel Challenge.

      IDPA, being a defensive weapon format is a different story, but USPSA/IPSC is all sport, no fight. I think they should even go AWAY from the silouette targets and shoot large bullseyes.

      It would be just as good of a competition for the shooters, and better accepted as a mainstream sport by the masses...

      A rimfire division would DOUBLE participation. I'd shoot both!


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