Beretta 92FS good for IDPA/USPSA?

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      Beretta 92FS good for IDPA/USPSA?

      OK, so if I do have an opportunity to get into IDPA or USPSA competition shooting (I have found clubs nearby that do both) what type of Production gun would be good?

      I have a Beretta 92FS now, but I am also in the position that I could probably spend $500-$600 for a new gun. I have seen some great deals on .40S&W lately at

      1. Is the Beretta sufficient?
      2. Any recommended mods that would make the Beretta more suited to this application and still stay in the "Production" class?
      3. Is there a pistol that is better suited to this application in the $500-$600 range?
      4. What's the "preferred" caliber? 9mm? .40S&W? .45acp?

      Thanks for the input!

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      Yes it is good. I would say a 9mm would be best for competition.

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      Ask Ernest Langdon, he won a few times with a Beretta

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      No advantage to anything over a 9mm in Production Class. 10-round max in mag anyway. Go with a 5" gun if you can.

      The hottest new guns in USPSA Production are the M&Ps. The M&P9L is already legal, and the new Pro Series will be legal as soon as Smith and Wesson sells 2000 of them... (soon)


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