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    HK P7 for IDPA or IPSC

    Any troops using this set up?
    Thinking on using the Raven concealment holster and mag pouches for IDPA? Lets hear what you have to say?

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    I haven't used mine yet but intend to when it returns from the refinish job at Tripp Research. I'm a beginner in IDPA so it remains to be seen how successful that will be. Last event I went to there was a guy using a P7M13 and he placed somewhere toward the top of the pack.

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    I've used my P7M8 in both IPSC and IDPA. I always use my carry gun and gear in each sport, and since I carry a P7 sometimes, I try to use it in a match at least once each year.

    The P7 falls in the Production class of IPSC, and (I think) Enhanced Service Pistol in IDPA.
    I'm always surprised when the new IPSC rules come out and the P7 is still in Production. Generally speaking, Production is for DA autos, and I would not call the P7 a DA.

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    Get out and Shoot.......

    I shoot a P7M13 for IDPA, IPSC and Steel Challenge.

    IDPA - tend to use a IWB holster local - Like Barry I like to use Carry gear

    IPSC - OWB Kydex for Production and safariland Mag Pouches

    OPEN IPSC / Steel - A modified Ernie Hill Speed Holster

    Link to Open P7M13


    Now I do shoot other firearms at these matches but the P7 is high on my fun list. I prefer to shoot my guns than look at them....

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    If thats what you intend to carry go for it

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