Is this what I think it is

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      Is this what I think it is

      Doing a Colt for sale search on the internet and Found this for sale. It appears to be a Police Positive 38 and by the serial number, made around 1910. Its in a Lincoln Sherriffs Department firearms sale and they have this Colt listed for only $150. Im no Colt expert, but I think this is worth a little more money. Maybe someone that knows can chime in on this. Here's the link.
      Its towards the bottom of the page.
      Is there any collector value with this one?

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      How do you get your name on that bid list?

      I have a Police Positive Special manufactured in 1927 (if memory serves me correctly). I couldn't tell you the value as it's been in the family for well over 60 years and I wouldn't sell under any circumstances. When I got it it was pretty well rusted so I had reblued. I take it out every once in a while and run some standard 38's thru it. It's still accurate and the trigger is excellent.

      I would think $150 would be a real bargain for the one listed.

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      I believe that it would be worth that and then some.

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      Police Positive

      I bought .22 of version for $400.00.

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      I would buy it for that price......

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