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    Trooper mk3 ejector rod

    I have a colt trooper mkIII
    I love this pistol, fun and accurate to shoot.
    The one negative about it is that the ejector rod has alway over time unscrewed itself as I shoot so every 30 shots or so I would always check it and screw it back in or it would come out far enough so that I couldnt close the cylinder.
    Recently the last few times I shot it I noticed that it was getting increasingly difficult to cock or shoot DA.
    It took me a while to figure out what was wrong, I cleaned and oiled it really well to start off with.
    Eventually I took out the ejector rod and cylinder ratchet and saw that it looks like the rod is slightly bent.
    I figure that this would most likely be what's causing the issue.

    So where can I get a replacement ejector rod for my mkIII.
    And is it normal for the ejector rod to come unscrewed on its own? If not how do I prevent that from happening again?

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    I haven't had it happen on my Colts, but anything screwed can come unscrewed. Clean the threads with lacquer thinner or some similar solvent and set with Loc-tite.

    Oops! only answered half yore question. Try this:

    Numrich Gun Parts Corporation

    Bob Wright

    From their on-line catalog:

    Ejector Rod, Nickel $15.80

    Ejector Rod, Blue $14.50
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    I have the same revolver, but haven't had that problem.
    I would do as Bob said, clean threads, loc-tite and you will probably be fine with a new rod.


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