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Thread: Colts

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    NE OH
    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Wright
    Top Gun Supply,

    Beautiful grips on the Python, too.

    NE Ohio? Ever go to Fernwood State Park?

    Bob Wright
    Thank you!

    I haven't been to Fernwood.


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    Talking My Workhorses...

    All Colts:
    Delta Elite pre-enhanced, very low serial #
    Trigger and action job. A real sweet shooter.

    SS Govt. XSE Built in 2000 Fitted new bushing, trigger and action job. Sold Wilson grips and bought Esmeralda's Gaboon Ebony.(sorry about the old pic) Flawless performance, 3" groups from sandbags at 25 yards. One of my weekly tools at practical shooting matches.

    Mark IV Combat Commander, HPB, box stock except for trigger work and Ivory stocks. Shoots 5" groups at 10 yds. Good enough for me.

    I luv 'em all! And wouldn't trade a one!

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    Dustoff '68 Guest
    4 pre Series 70, WWII pistols: Remington Rand, Colt, Ithaca, Singer, ORM 1991 that has been mildly customized (read improved), new Series 70 Replica in SS and in blue, and may go for the WWI or just a blue 1991 NRM...have been reducing my collection of SA's and a couple of plastic fantastics to make these Colt purchases.

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    Series 70 govt 45 acp (wadgun for bullseye)
    Series 80 gold cup trophy 45 acp back up for wad gun
    Series 80 govt mustang 380 acp

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    Dustoff '68 Guest

    Here's a few of many....

    This one is a safe queen.
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    Only one: a custom Commander my father gave me back in the late 80's. It's pretty much a safe queen now, though I carried it for many years.
    Employed by Galco Gunleather - / Veteran OEF VIII

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    Dustoff '68 Guest

    Ain't nothin' like the real thing....

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    What Colts

    I have a
    Colt SAA in 45 Colt
    Series 80 1911 in 38 Super
    Trooper MK III in 357 Mag
    New Service in 45 Colt
    Vest Pocket in 25 ACP

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    A .22 Woodsman First Series Circa 1931. Light and very accurate. Would like a Delta Elite and something in a 1911.

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