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    Thumbs up Colt .357

    gee guys , how could you forget the first and best medium frame . 357 magnum , buy one wear one and shoot it often , zorro

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    Baldy. gorgeous pics..I think I'd build a baby's room for those Colts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zhurdan View Post
    I own a few guns that never get shot, they are mainly historical in nature. There's just something about holding something old and wondering where it's been, what it's seen (if it could see).

    On the other hand, I have some pistols that are work horses. They get shot all the time and are for a specific purpose. They are defense guns.

    I doubt that I'd shoot my older guns, I just like to clean them, and remember the stories I've been told about that particular piece and ponder about the things that could have been. Not very practical, but very good for the imagination. Plus it gives me a connection to my Grandfather, who's long gone, that's probably the best reason to own a piece of history.

    On the other hand, I don't see the reason to buy a Colt AR-15 over a Bushmaster or other brand. They basically cost more for very VERY little benefit.


    The diffrence between the 2 is this MIL-SPEC, COLT M-4 is made to military specs and Bushmaster/DPMS/RRA are not. My DPMS will never go thru what the Colt M-4 does in the "SAND BOX" and will work just as good as the Colt at the range. If you had to use your M-4 in life or death, I'll go with what the military and law enforcement trust their lives to. I work for the US NAVY Submarine forces and major componenets have been tested to insure quality.Bushmaster/DPMS/RRA cut conors to provide a cheaper product Colt and a few other tier 1 companies do not thus the higher cost. I wish Colt would do this with the current 1911's, but no Goverment contracts on this means QA/QC is not as high as on the M-4.

    I have only 1 Colt (a 80 series) 1911 Officers that is my current CCW, it might be replace with a Sig P-226 as this is the 2nd 9mm PISTOL the military has authorized our troops to use and you can bet it's been Mil-Specd. The Officers 1911 is a better fit than either 1 of my other 2 S.A. 1911's. Just my $0.02 worth.


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    Thanks, Glockamania, great thread. You got me to thinking about what a Colt means to me. All here have hit on it. We're probably not speaking about "the best gun there is..." but rather American history and tradition - as well as (generally) damn good guns to boot. 35 years ago I bought my first personal Colt, a .45 ACP Combat Commander. Since that time it's been to a world war, two county fairs and a...never mind, you get the idea. Long ago I had it's name, "Bark "N" Buck" engraved on the slide.

    I had a 4" Python for years. My daughter learned to shoot with it. When she turned 21 several years ago, I hand made a fitted oak case for it, and presented it to her in honor of achieving her majority. (She cried like a baby). I have a safe full of all kinds of wonderful toys but my father-in-law's (inherited) Colt Agent is the piece I slip on the belt when my sweetheart and I go rambling.

    However, I want more CCW power. (Never attend a gunfight with a pistol who's caliber does not at least begin with a "4".) I am currently involved in a frustrating situation with a Kahr CW.45. It is frustrating for both me and the good people at Kahr. They have it, once again, in their shop for repair. So, yesterday, on a whim (Don't we gun nuts all seen to ride one of those?) I went to my gun shop and bought a New Colt Defender as it was being unloaded from the delivery truck. I KNOW it's all subjective, but I felt the frustration leave as soon as I walked out the door with my new friend from Hartford. (When the Kahr comes back from the shop, and IF it works to my satisfaction, I will then, in good conscience, sell it.)

    There are many wonderful and worthy firearms out there, Glock and Kahr definitely included. But. the bottom line for Colt and me...? They're all somewhat emotional reasons; History, American tradition, Trust, etc. As you can tell from my moniker I was a Marine Tanker. My TO weapon was a pistol. In Desert Storm I wrapped the issued M-9 in an oily rag and stuck it in my ALICE pack. "Bark 'N' Buck" rode in my shoulder holster. I felt confident that if an irate Iragi wanted to discuss matters close and personal I could knock him off of my vehicle with the .45 and not just punch a hole in him with the 9mm. Is it mostly personal opinion? Yes. But that personal opinion gives great confidence backed up by over a century of Colt coming through when the fan starts flingin'.

    Glockamania, thanks again for letting an old man ruminate, ramble and remember good times, good reasons and good memories.

    Semper Fi to all, God Bless and, Echo 7 Charlie, out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlockamaniaŽ View Post
    Why are Colts (specifically revolvers and semi-automatics) THE gun to own?

    Please educated a tupper ware shooter. Thanks!
    Quality and Style

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    Thumbs up "The Gun that won the West"

    The SSA Colt 45 is my all time favorite Colt. I have a 3rd generation with a 5 1/2"
    barrel and a 2nd gen (made in 1957) with a 7 1/2" barrel. I fitted both with Stag grips and they look good and shoot great. There is no better sound made than when you cock the hammer of a Western Colt 45. As far as the Colt 1911 goes, they never did impress me as being something special so I either traded or sold the ones I had.

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